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Where Style & Home Decor Are Woven With Philanthropy.
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Giving back is the new black.

Created Just For You, To Bring Love to Families.

Because of
one boy's courage...

We bless families worldwide. For Liam.

At Feathers & Grace, it's not just about pretty things, Philanthropy is woven throughout each piece!

Hey Beautiful! I'm so happy you're here!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our mission & purpose!! Feathers & Grace was born in 2011, just north of Atlanta, GA, in between the bustling city and the North Georgia mountains. Philanthropy is my passion!! When our beloved baby boy Liam became ill with a rare neurological disorder, my passion only grew, and I listened to Jesus, followed His lead, and worked to make my mission of helping children, a reality. Have you ever wanted to help a child or family going through a hard time, but not sure how? Or you might think your idea isn't enough to really make an impact? Darling, I know, I was you too! Every small act of kindness is enough! And so, I create pieces for your style + home, and give back with every purchase! What's better than wearing something beautiful or decorating your home with a beautiful piece, knowing you helped someone when you bought it! When we take each other's hands and give together, it makes a huge impact! Love always wins! Our pieces aren’t just pretty, they bless others!! You select what charity you’d like to give to, and we do the rest! And, you get a beautiful “thank you” in the pieces you purchase for you and your home!

We couldn't do this without you!

All my love, Sasha

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Why are we here? He is why.

Read Liam's story, and learn what courage truly looks like.

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Changing the world looks gorgeous on you!

At Feathers & Grace, we believe small acts of kindness CAN and WILL make a huge difference to someone! We believe small ripples create huge waves, and that by taking someone's hand, and walking with them on their journeys creates more love and that always wins! These little moments are life's blessings, when we are present for someone else! Our pieces aren't just pretty, they impact lives all over the world! We are so happy to partner with dozens of incredible foundations to bless families near and far! We want to encourage, uplift, and celebrate every life, in memory of my beautiful Liam, and so we give 15% of every purchase to help children and families worldwide! When you order with us, you choose a charity you'd like us to give to, in your name!

Because of you, we have helped children with chronic illnesses forget about hospital stays and go on an epic vacation! We've helped children with special needs make their dreams come true by meeting their idol, or remodeling their home to be wheelchair accessible, or going on a Disney cruise! Together, we've helped give outdoor adventures, like horseback riding, zip-lining, and kayaking, to children with genetic conditions & different abilities. Because of you, we help children & families feel loved and never alone! We've helped aid in tsunami & hurricane disaster relief, and given clean water, education, and healthcare to families in poverty-stricken regions. Together, we have joined in the fight to save children from sex trafficking, and actively taken part in imprisoning the evil responsible. Together, we've helped refugee families find safety away from war-torn regions, and receive food, shelter, and hope to begin their lives anew! Because of you, we've helped domestic abuse & sexual assault survivors get the justice they deserve! You've become a voice for children with autismj & made sure every child is valued! We've helped young adults battling cancer take part in life~changing outdoor adventures & hold onto hope and courage! Together, we've given breakfasts, lunches, and after school meals to children in need while schools are closed. Because of you, we've given to foundations to help families living with Alzheimer's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, mental illnesses, ALS, and wounded veterans. Because every life is important and should be treasured. So many causes are incredibly important to us!! We couldn't do any of this without YOU!

Together, we are
making a difference
and protecting children.

We are here to make sure you are seen, feel loved, and never alone.

children with
special needs

are told they "can not do that," like go horseback riding, zip-lining, or kayaking. We make sure they do.

illnesses often
make hospitals a
second home

For many children. We make sure they see more than their hospital room by sending children on epic vacations, meet their idols, and experience adventures.

Millions of
children in America
suffer from hunger everyday.

Many receive breakfasts and lunches while at school. We make sure meals are given to children during summer breaks, vacations, and closings.

Clean water
is crucial to
good health,

so we make sure families in poverty- stricken regions have plenty of it.

Read about the

Foundations We Partner with

see who you're helping

Just wanted to tell you…

You are loved so much.

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I hope you remember...

Each piece is made just for you with my two hands, with unique & beautiful details! I strive for quality > quantity, and create with love & purpose, in honor of our beautiful Liam! Each order is packaged with care, and includes a handwritten thank you card! I pray you always remember the child or family you blessed when you see and wear your pieces!

Kind words from you!

🍃"I am OBSESSED with my macrame wall hanging!! It's so beautiful, and is the perfect addition to my gallery wall. My sister passed away last June from colon cancer, so choosing a charity really meant alot to me. I'll always think of her when I see it. Thank you so much!!

Anna M.

🍃"I adore all the macrame earrings that I have purchased from Sasha. They are so well made and her heart and packaging are like no other. I've seen others elsewhere, and none are as well made, nor do they have the intricate patterns that Sasha offers. Her pieces are a work of art!" (Bronwynn earrings.)

Crissy H.

🍃"I LOVE these earrings! They are just what I expected and more. As a special education teacher, I was touched by the message enclosed about Liam. Customer service is great too! I had accidentally ordered the wrong pair, but the error was fixed within 5 minutes. Will definitely order again!" (Angelica earrings.)

Katherine S.

Beloved girl…..

Create your own inspiration!

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Because of you….

Families are holding on to hope, self worth is flourishing, hearts are mending, and beauty is seen in all the little moments! This life is so precious! Thank you for changing the world with us! We couldn't do this without you!

In loving memory of our beautiful Liam, December 2010-December 2012.

He will cover you with His feathers, Under His Wings, You will Find Refuge. Psalm 91:4

It's an honor & joy

small choices,
thoughtfully made,

change the world in the best ways.

we'd love to hear from you!

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