Why We Give Back


🍃Why we give back!


🌸When we lose someone we cherish, we want their memory to live on and our hearts to mend. For me, when we tragically lost our 2 year old little boy, Liam, I found that reaching out to others, and helping them heal, healed my heart as well. I hate that anyone feels unloved or abandoned, and so I began to help families who needed love! Giving back has been my passion for decades, and so I listened to where Jesus led me, and started my journey in blessing others! I want to show those going through hard seasons, tragedy, and difficult journeys, that joy does come again! I'm proof! I've survived unimaginable loss. But the darkness doesn't last forever, the sun will shine again, to give you hope and renewed spirit! God hasn't ever left you. I'll pull out a chair for ya, have coffee & cupcakes ready, and we'll listen and talk through it, and I'll be there for you, to be a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and I'll share with you how to not only find joy but how to hold onto it too. It's always there in the little moments!

🌸God laid this on my heart to share my creativity, my passion for helping people, and share His story of beauty from ashes, that He never abandons us, and walks with us through it all. I want to give you a gorgeous, one~of~a~kind piece with a purpose, and have it serve as a conversation piece to being a light to others! And, at the same time, together we can help another child or family feel seen, loved and encouraged! I hope that every time you wear your pieces, or see them in your home, that you remember the little girl or little boy you helped go on vacation after numerous hospital stays, or the adventure you helped a young woman go on while battling cancer, or give clean water to families in poverty-stricken regions. I want you to see the beauty of this life, and marvel at all the precious moments! This life is so very precious! Thank YOU so much for shopping with us to help impact lives!

🍃"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16