Blackberry Jam Diagonals!

Blackberry Jam Diagonals with Lemon  Icing Drizzle!

Merry Christmas friends!! I always love baking ALL THE TREATS at Christmas time!! I’m a huge chocolate lover, but sometimes there are family members not quite so obsessed with it! My husband is one, and these are his absolute FAVORITE treat at Christmas!! He loves shortbread, and lemon!! For him, I switch out my blackberry jam for his favorite……blueberry! I make both versions!  You could use any jam really, I think many would be good!! Raspberry, boysenberry, whatever you like! Here’s what you’ll need!!


1c softened butter 

1/2c sugar 

2tsp vanilla 

1/4tsp salt

2-1/2c flour

blackberry jam


Lemon drizzle:

3Tbsp powdered sugar

1 tsp lemon juice 



1. In mixer bowl, combine butter, sugar, vanilla, salt, and beat well. 

2. Gradually add in flour, mixing in between small additions. 

3. Grab handful of dough and shape into long logs, about 1/2” wide and  6” long.

4. Place them all on foiled baking sheet.

5. Make indentations into the center of logs with fingertip.

6. Lightly spoon in the jam along the depressions.

7.  Bake at 350° for 15 minutes until very slightly toasted in color.

8. While cookies are baking, mix powdered  sugar and lemon juice with a fork in a small bowl for the drizzle. I always eyeball the mixture consistency so it’s able to drizzle well. Sometimes I need more sugar if it’s too watery, and sometimes I need more lemon to enhance the tartness. I taste as I mix.

9. Once cookies are done, allow to cool completely. 

10. Drizzle lemon icing, and pop baking sheet into fridge to set! 

11. Once set, cut into1/2” diagonals and Enjoy!!

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