Easing Fear.

🍃 Every single day things scare us. And if you’ve been scared to start something new, you know what helps ease that fear?! Knowing that you’re doing it for YOU. Not to make everyone else happy. Not to gain praise. Not for money. Not to be people-pleasing. Not for likes on social media. FOR YOU. And you alone. For your soul. Believe that there is worth within it, and that something huge is in the midst for you.

🍃Many will think a new website is no biggie. That a new job isn’t huge, or going back to school isn’t life-changing, or devoting yourself to motherhood or to art isn’t enough. Many believe that sharing a difficult story is not needed. Many will think it’s unrelatable. Or too sad. Don’t let your happiness be dependent on others’ indifference.

🍃Do unpopular things like: Share your heart. Be vulnerable. Say what's on your mind. Be opinionated. Tell your story no matter how heartbreaking. Don't people please. Make yourself proud.

🍃 I believe that beauty & courage blossoms in unpopularity! I believe that being bold, brave & afraid are real and inspiring. I believe we learn the most when it’s not easy. I believe that small things can create great love. Difficult roads can take us for a ride to breathtaking getaways & dream destinations. And I’m totally here for it! 

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