Let's End Human Trafficking!

🍃Hey friends!

Y’all have heard me talk about & write about this topic for years now: Human Trafficking. It’s been a passion of mine since high school, and why I give back to these organizations to put an end to it, and quite literally save children's lives!

💙 Operation Underground Railroad (OURrescue)

💙 Love146

💙Polaris Project

💙 A21

💙International Justice Mission

🍃When I learned what this was back in HS, I was in shock, horrified & angry, that people were being trafficked just as drugs are trafficked between borders, cuties, and countries. It’s a multi-billion dollar business. It doesn’t just happen in European countries, or less developed countries. It happens here, in the US, in every state. You’d think it was just isolated to cites, but no, it happens in suburbs as well. And it’s one of the main reasons children are abducted. Did you know the Super Bowl is a huge event for trafficking? We have to save our children. 

🍃Several years ago, when my daughter was 4 years old, we were followed in a grocery store. Moms, you have to be aware & keep your children near you at all times. It’s not always going to be a stereotypical man preying on families. Stay off your phone. Be alert. Sometimes there’s a team, they may look like husband & wife, or a man and a teenager. My daughter was being watched by a teenager. She’d stop, look like she was picking something from the shelf, then follow again. She had a man in a car waiting outside. She was being trafficked, & being forced to recruit or abduct.

🍃Have a code word for your family, to tell each other when you see something fishy. Get the store manager, call911. We lived near one of the biggest international airports in the US, in Atlanta. In 20 minutes, a child can be in another country like Turkey, to be trafficked. It’s horrifying and we need to be proactive! That’s why I give to so many organizations, because it HAS TO END!! Every single child deserves their future!! Donate directly, or shop with me and choose these organizations at checkout to help organizations and their undercover teams go in and rescue girls before they’re sold. Please. PRETTY PLEASE. Together, we can end human trafficking. 


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